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An older redneck or biker chick over the age of 35 who has her tits tattooed. Usually a self tattoo with the name of of a child they had out of wedlock , or a deceased biker or redneck who was the vitcim of Darwin's theory of natural selection. The trainwreck who has the tittertats almost always has more than 2 children. One of those two is usually named after a truck. Such as Dakota, Cheyenne, or F-150. The tats themself are almost always faded and placed on tits that look like a cooked egg hanging from a nail.Generally they fall into 4 catagories. #1 Childrens names, #2 Names and dates of dead people, #3 a rose, #4 some kind of feline paw Usually performed by a friend at a meth lab or biker rally.
My dryer broke and I was at the laundry mat when this lady walked in and bent over in front of me exsposing her titter tats to me. he has 3 on her lfet tit I a guessing of the names and dates or her snot nosed children. And 1 on her right with angel wings around it. Probably of her deceased first sperm donor.
by Jack Calhoun August 12, 2009

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