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JaXhaX - known as one of the most targeted jedi knight players to ever connect to a server. His skills and aim are quite useful on flag/perimeter D. He conquers countless fools in JK2-3 with the help of various sidekicks. JaXhaX nick name originated in JK2 when he was constantly accused for using sniper aimbot cheats. In Jk3 the name stuck with him to his unstoppable sniper/pistol accuracy. Some believe that there is in fact a jaxhax.exe used. Others merely accept the hard ownage that this person constantly performs.
ghost`- JaX, you haX :-X
amaze - there's no friggin way you can charge that bryar so fast. cheater.
nosferatu - jaxhax
Jacen Aratan - FFS, GET A LIFE HAX.
sancheZ - hax come red. err jax
by JaXhaX December 07, 2004

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