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A small, midget mongolian, often found preying on innocent savillions in public toilets. Once they choose their victim they will wait for them to sit down on the crapper and then using a hand crafted, technological ass munger pick axe they then burrow their way into the rectum, using this as their natural hide out to escape from Ass Munger Mungers thus leaving behind a bleeding mass of rectal revenue for neighbouring Ass Mungers to snack on.
Oh fuck!!! That ass munger is waiting for me again and I really need a shit I just had ass sex with Barker but he has no dick.
by JaCoB & jUz August 12, 2005
Smooth creamy layer some what like moss, with a jagged texture which thrives on left over jizm around the opening of ones anus region
Jeez Barker you gotta get something for that rectal fungus!! it's making it's way up your back...you have no dick
by JaCoB & jUz August 12, 2005

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