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1 definition by JWA+FWA=MAD<3

Jews are probably the best race in the world. They are the most talented, best looking, richest, most powerful, and coolest people on Earth. Jews are often referred to as cheap or greedy, but whoever thinks that is stupid. Besides, it's never hurt anybody to be cheap! Nobody can stop a Jew
*Interesting Facts*
-Judaism was the very first Monotheistic religion
-Jews are the most persecuted people
-Jews transformed Israel from desert to an actual country
-The Holocaust really did happen
*Famous Jews*
-Scott Storch is a Jew
-Miri Ben-Ari is a Jew
-Albert Einstein was a Jew (CREATOR OF THE A-BOMB, CH'YEAH!)
-Jerry Seinfeld is a Jew
-Stephen Spielberg is a Jew
-Anybody talented is a Jew
Some Guy: "yo, are you cool?"
Some Jew: "obviously... I'm Jewish"
by JWA+FWA=MAD<3 February 09, 2007