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was actually invented by wynonie harris in '48 i think. mixing gospel, blues, and r&b. rock and roll was actually a subgenre of rythm and blues (it was also known as hoy hoy).
lil richard is an example of hoy hoy rock n roll
by JVT niggas December 30, 2004
the jumpier subgenre of rhythm and blues from 1948-1954. created by wynonie harris. mixture of gospel, blues, and rnb. also known as the earlier form of rock n roll.
lil richard is hoy hoy.
by JVT niggas December 30, 2004
1. a slowed down version of the ska raggae as an answer to R&b's significant change for a slower pace during the doo-wop era. (ska is to rocksteady as hoyhoy r&b is to doo-wop).

2. to have sex.
1. Bob Marley is rocksteady.

2. "Rock--steady. Steady rockin all night long" - "rocksteady" by the Whispers
by JVT niggas December 30, 2004
"two in the pink one in the stink"

a hand gesture with your middle and index finger out, your ring finger folded in, and your pinky out. it is a referanced to a sex technique where they can penetrate a girl with two fingers in her vagina and the pinky in her ass at the same time.
throw your stunnas in the air, and wave it like you just dont care.....
by JVT niggas January 01, 2005

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