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3 definitions by JUnit Inane

Slamscam (noun) - The act of fooling, tricking, or decieving a woman, to have intercourse with you. Works well with the following:
Sweet Talk.
Dinner + Movies.
The successful slamscam, is sexual intercourse, or fucking, as well as "fucking her over." That is the compilation, of slamscam.
Jareth - "Think of some shit that's unheard of, on Urban, and make it nice."
Kev - "How about fucking a girl, we'll call it slamscam."
Jareth "=D"
by JUnit Inane August 28, 2006
10 4
Biggina (noun) - When talking about a woman's vagina, it may incisively be huge in the hole, or the lips, et cetera. When referring to this, simply dub it "biggina", when talking to your friends; this may very well confuse the woman you're talking about in front of, and a very helpful slang word.
Rob - "Hey man, how was that anyway?"
Jareth - "Took me forever dude, you know, Biggina."
Jessica - "What took forever?"
by JUnit Inane August 27, 2006
4 2
Benda'bitch (verb) - Another slang term that any man should use. It's in replacement of anal sex, which most women will decline at the sound of. This is a sure-way of getting anal sex with a woman, only you have to benda'bitch instead.
Jessica - "So Jareth, what do you have planned for tonight?"
Jareth - "I don't know, how does anal sex sound to you?"
Jessica - "HELL no, something else in mind?"
Jareth - "Ok, ok. How about we benda'bitch instead. I promise you'll like it."
Jessica - "Sounds interesting! Let's do it!"
by JUnit Inane August 27, 2006
13 19