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3 definitions by JR Page

The inability to argue a correct viewpoint because the opposition has their cock in your mouth
You can't argue with me due to the Cock in Mouth theory. Now go deeper...
by JR Page December 08, 2006
Akin to a baker's dozen; if you're a college student and get fucked up 7 nights in a row, the following night is an automatic party night. Because isn't getting drunk 8 nights in a row what college is all about?
Person 1: This hair of the dog is the only way to get rid of my hangover from 7 nights of crunking it up. I'll probably keep drinking and turn in into a college week.
Person 2: Don't you have to catch up on a bunch of work after a week of getting plastered?
Person 1: Oh a bit, but who cares? I'm in college
by JR Page May 12, 2009
A liquid bonus, typically a six-pack of the performer's choice, attached to an action, and granted after completion of the action. The action is typically crude in nature, such as having sex with someone for situational humor, or finishing a large quantity of alcohol.
Bob, Ted, Fred and Jimmy are at a bar:
Bob: "So my sister and mother are coming to visit next week"
Ted: "Beverage Incentive!"
Bob: "..."

A week later, after Jimmy successfully slays both:
Ted: "Jimmy, here's your two six packs. I'm going to put down another beverage incentive. If you finish all 12 beers in 20 minutes, I'll get you another six pack"
by JR Page December 24, 2010