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Slang for a person in Alcoholics Anonymous who follows the 12 Steps.
Jane joined Alcoholics Anonymous and quickly became a Stepper.
by JR Harris March 13, 2011
1. The 12 tasks that Alcoholics Anonymous has its members use to find spirituality.

2. A way used by AA to have its members choose a higher power that can be anywhere from a door knob to a harley as a way to find spiritual guidance.

3. The Steps outlined in the Big Book used to control the thought processes of those who follow them.
1. Bill was fun until he joined AA and followed the 12 Steps, now he just apologizes to everyone with a brainwashed smile.

2. Mary followed the 12 Steps of AA. She divorced her husband and married her sponsor leaving her kids behind with no mother.
by JR Harris March 30, 2011
1. A person who has a sponsor in AA.

2. A person who follows the advice of a sponsor to the letter.

3. Someone who gives free services to AA and thier sponsor for nothing in return, except spirituality.

4. Someone who is often abused and neglected by thier sponsor.
1. Mary was Bill's sponcee in AA. Bill often has Mary clean his toilet and have sex with him in return for everlasting serenity.

2. Bill was mad at his sponcee Mary. She would not have sex with him, so he kicked her out of the house and turned her into the police for drinking while on probation.
by JR Harris March 30, 2011
Term for a person who was a member of Alcoholics Anonymous and became unhappy with the program.
Jack realized the Alcoholics anonymous was not for him and he quickly became an XStepper.
by JR Harris March 13, 2011
(slow·gan) noun
1. Phrase memorized by cult followers to insure the continuation of the cult.
2. Advertising gimmick used by corporations to get free advertising.
3. Phrases memorized by people who can not think for themselves.
1. AA uses the slogan "Keep coming back" because they want you in the cult forever.
by JR Harris March 31, 2011
noun. (diab-blow)

1. Slang term for the devil.
2. Stalker.
3. Sociopath that follows you on the Internet.
4. Often associated with the picture of a wolf.
5. Does not know the meaning of DILLIGAS.
Be careful when you are on the internet, diablo may try and work his way into your life.

Diablo was stalking me for a while, what can I say? DILLIGAS
by JR Harris April 14, 2011

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