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Adjective: When a heretosexual male or homosexual male acts in a overly or excessively feminine or "gay-like-manner",having qualities traditionally associated with women. Not to be
confused with a "Metrosexual", unless his style of dress emphasizes femininity.
Taken form the deragatory informal words used for homosexual:Fag and Gay with the added suffix "ious"(forming the Nouns into anadjective or characterization of said subject).
"I don't think he's into women I think he's kinda fagatious."
"My stylist is definitely not 'fagatious', he's slept with almost all of his female clients."

Think drag queens: in the Movie, "To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar".
The TV show, "In Living Color's","Men on Films". "Hated it!" "Two snaps up with a twist".
Jack from "Will & Grace".
Any dude in drag of any kind.
by JP aka Main April 28, 2006

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