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524 definitions by JOSH

some one who changes for money
if my band became famous and then people started likeing other music so we started playing that even though we dont like that kind of music just for more money
by josh September 04, 2003
A general insult that can be applied to anyone you find disagreeable. Ostensibly, a nugget of fuck.
Your dad is such a fucknugget.
by josh February 15, 2003
Made by my friend, Shawn.
"I got laid today"
by Josh June 22, 2004
The baddest motherfucker in these parts.
"You so fine."
by Josh January 27, 2005
grog is a word used by aussies which means alcahol
im going to the bottle shop to buy some grog
by Josh September 22, 2004
The urethra. The hole at the end of the dick.
I love my girlfriend's soapy handjobs in the shower, but later my dickhole burns like crazy.
by josh September 08, 2003
Having to do with the culture and lifestyle surrounding the independent music scene. The genre grew out of Sonic Youth's alternative rock movement of the 80's which spawned bands like Nirvana. When alternative rock, ironically, went mainstream and began getting playtime on commercial FM radio stations, the music left under the radar became known as "indie." Some notable indie bands of the 1990's were Built To Spill and Neutral Milk Hotel. Currently, indie music is becoming more popular. Bands like Modest Mouse and Death Cab for Cutie are signing with major record labels. Many are appearing on late night television talk shows (e.g. Rilo Kiley, The Walkmen). Some view this as a good thing, that perhaps the general public will finally start listening to some good music. Others, wanting to retain their exclusive status, are listening to more obscure bands to counteract this trend. Many indie people claim to prefer vinyl.
FM radio listener: I think I like this indie music. The Killers are where it's at!
Indie kid: The Killers released their debut album on Island Records, asshole.

Indie kid: Have you heard of Suburban Lifeboat or The Juicy Chalkboards?
FM radio listener: What the fuck is wrong with you?
note: the band names mentioned in the above example are made up and are meant to demonstrate the strange and sometimes silly titles of indie bands
by Josh January 05, 2005