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16 definitions by JOSEPH ELTON

a very complicated trick where a man tapes their weiner down and then makes terrible Top 40 pop/dance songs while pretending to be a woman while looking like a muppet
Adam Lambert tried to pull The Lady Gaga before American Idol.

Seriously though, Gaga is a dude.
by JOSEPH ELTON February 16, 2010
23 9
To pretend to be a vampire just to fuck fat chicks who are in love with fictional characters.
I hit a dry spell, so I pulled the Twilight. I fucked like 800 lbs of women. Those 3 girls really thought I was a vampire.
by Joseph Elton April 19, 2010
14 2
While bending over like you were in a downhill skiing contest, you reach back and jerk two dudes off. In front of you, you are blowing a third guy. A fourth guy is optional, but that would require vaginal or anal intercourse. Also, you'd be a whore.
I need new friends. After we went Downhill Skiing with that girl, I haven't been able to look them in the eyes. But boy was that handjob good.
by Joseph Elton July 29, 2010
16 5
1) When two gingers participate in the act of scissoring (which means they are rubbing theirs vaginas together)

2) Scissors with red handles
I like to watch videos with Red Handled Scissors
by Joseph Elton August 19, 2010
7 0
The act of rubbing two or more cocks together in the hopes of starting a "fire."
I had an Indian burn on my dick from trying The Campfire.
by Joseph Elton August 19, 2010
11 4
1) A dragon in Harry Potter

2) When you participate in anal, and pull out. The woman forgot to clean the inside of her anus leaving a mess on your dick, representing spikes.
1) Harry beat the Hungarian Horntail.

2) I made sex with that girl in her butt and when I pulled out she had given me the Hungarian Horntail.
by Joseph Elton August 30, 2010
5 0
A common custom in the South of celebrating an anniversary at a McDonald's in a Wal-Mart. It's usually followed by sex in a Wal-Mart bathroom or in a truck in the parking lot.
My wife and I tried the Redneck Anniversary this year. My McDouble was okay, but she fell in the toilet during the sex.
by Joseph Elton December 22, 2010
9 6