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a small suburb on the north side of tucson. its mostly full of rich old people and pissed off teenagers alot of which steal money from theyre parents and get heroin...shitty.But there is one big Plus to this town, the hotties are everywhere. the town is basicly all on the northenrn side of the valley. as ive learned from experience that mari jane is a nessasary. just watch out because this town has one cop for every 10 people.......fucking shitty.. the towns nickname is OV obviously
me: hey lets go get that cronic from Oro Valley.
kayleigh:ok but watch out for the OV pigs there on the prowl
me: FUCK the police
kayliegh: word.
me: light the doob.
by JOHNmissing LBC October 23, 2007

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