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2 definitions by JO'B

A meat snack consisting of a large patty of spiced mince beef and/or pork coated in a traditional crumb coating. Spice burgers can be cooked in a variety of ways but are usually deep fried. When cooked their coating turns a ginger or orange colour. They are made and eaten mostly in Ireland and are difficult to find outside of that country.
Spice burger and a single please, Guiseppe! And plenty of salt and vinegar!
by JO'B October 08, 2010
A person who calls other people homosexual in order to deflect attention from their own homosexuality. They prefer to pursue their homosexuality in secret. This person will usually have a complex about some part of their appearance, eg. having red hair or being short.
Stop being such a Jonner and just come out of the closet!
by JO'B October 08, 2010