10 definitions by JNNC

One who uses old freakin' easter candy for halloween.
Why you lazy crap for crap!
by JNNC July 24, 2006
A small form of car that is a sedan or coupe with the trunk removed and the entire back of the car opens. Became synonymous with fuel economy and because of that, became very unpopular in the United States, despite being very popular everywhere else. Also known as "Liftback," "Hot Hatch," or "Fastback."
The Geo Metro came in two-door or four-door hatchback styles. It gets 40 miles per gallon.
by JNNC July 01, 2006
A pathetic ripoff of Family Guy, which itself is a pathetic ripoff of The Simpsons.
Up next, The Simpsons, then another Simpsons, I mean Family Guy, then another Simpsons, I mean Family Guy, I mean American Dad!
by JNNC August 11, 2006

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