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10 definitions by JNNC

A fast-growing suburb of Raleigh, NC where everyone smokes, eats red hot dogs, and has a thick southern accent; traffic is very heavy; gas stations are far and wide; and victims of school bullying live in fear because the school officials are completely incompetent.
I moved to Clayton, NC in 1995. Thank God I'll be leaving soon.
by JNNC July 02, 2006
52 29
One who uses old freakin' easter candy for halloween.
Why you lazy crap for crap!
by JNNC July 24, 2006
11 2
A pathetic ripoff of Family Guy, which itself is a pathetic ripoff of The Simpsons.
Up next, The Simpsons, then another Simpsons, I mean Family Guy, then another Simpsons, I mean Family Guy, I mean American Dad!
by JNNC August 11, 2006
105 192