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A Kicz is usually a last name that belongs to someone named Marli, Marlene, or Marlow. Can be pronounced as kicks, as in she kicks the ball, or kitch as in the first half of kitchen. Kicz comes from the word kjhfekrKICZjhffdgij which origins from Hebrew.
A kicz usually lives in livley, or any place 20 minutes from the general city. They enjoy raping chickens, stalking their babelicious teachers, and long walks on the beach.
Kicz's don't have many friends because they walk like giant men, but once you get to know them, you realize how gay they are. But you love them for it. They can often be found staring up at the sky, searching for meaning in their pathetic little life.
Remember, if you see a wild kicz, do not run. Make frequent "cawing" sounds, since they are affraid of birds. Then proceed to slowly back away from the beast.


ps- they love oth
Jessica: look at the girl! she walks like a man, and ever time she sees a bird she flinches! Why is she staring up at the sky? Is she looking for meaning in her pathetic little life? I think I've seen her in that little hut village 20 minutes from town, do you know who that is?

Julia: Yeah thats just a Kicz
by JMARTTLA August 25, 2008
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