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The act of getting a blow job by someone's mom and right before you ejaculate you pull your schlong out and glaze the mom's face like a donut and then punch the mom in the side of the temple so hard that she passes out. That way you can deny the entire thing happened and say the bitch had amnesia if she tells on you.
Boomer: Dude I heard you got a blow job from Zach's mom last night?

Tom: That never happened cuz I HAWK PUNCHED the bitch.

Boomer: Then it did happen?

Tom: I just said I HAWK PUNCHED her so it NEVER HAPPENED dumb azz!!!
by JIMMY TOM March 20, 2009
When a well endowed man drops his hard erect penis on the face or forehead of one of his buddies while several people are present to laugh at the act. The ultimate Tomahawk Kawk Drop is performed when the penis is rather dirty and seemingly has the smell of salt and vinegar.
Boomer: Dude you were so wasted at that party last night!!! Do you remember doing a TOMAHAWK KAWK DROP on Zach's forehead?!?!?! That shit was so funny!!!

Tom: Yeah...I was drinking non-alcoholic beer. I was aware of exactly what I was doing!

by JIMMY TOM March 20, 2009
To be glazed upon the lips from a well endowed man's penis.
MAN O MAN!!! Zach's mom sure got HAWK SAUCED by Tom at that party the other night!!! Her lips were so shiney!!!
by JIMMY TOM March 20, 2009
The Hawk Shocker is similar to the regular shocker, but instead of two in the pink and one in the stink it equates to one in the pink and three in the stink.
Tom: Hey Zach what's up dude? Did you hook up with that Laura chick after the party?

Zach: I sure did!!! I took her home and gave her the ole HAWK SHOCKER and now she won't stop calling me!

by JIMMY TOM March 21, 2009
This is the phrase for a very well endowed man who's penis is freakishly large in size.
Zach: JESUS!!! Would you look at Tom's HAWK KAWK?!?!?!? IT IS HUGE!!!!

Boomer: I know!!!
by JIMMY TOM March 20, 2009

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