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257 definitions by JESUS

the nonstick cooking spray, duh everyone knows that
Yo ass betta put some Pam on dem brownies or day gonna stick to yo pan.
by Jesus August 04, 2004
1591 915
the most believable news show on T.V
i don't believe anything untill its on the daily show
by jesus June 30, 2004
796 211
To go out and replenish your drug supply.
"We've only got a little bud left, but we're about to go re up."
by Jesus November 02, 2003
644 72
The British version of guy
"that lads gay"
by Jesus April 22, 2003
948 540
Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful nations of this planet.
N1: Damn son, dat bitch is fryin' like a mofoka!

N2: F'sho D, I'mma put it up insida her...

N1: Sorry to tell y'brah, but dat honey only go out wit her calibah...
by Jesus August 08, 2004
507 139
the voice of evil. Right wing propagandist, george bush mind slaves, pure evil
fox news needs to die
by jesus September 14, 2004
606 325
1. a moron
2. an ignorant asshole
3. any person that labels themselves after music genres
4. a good percentage of the american public
5. a very nice word Maynard from Tool uses very well in describing people from L.A.
6. President Bush
You're a fucking dipshit if you think Bush is running the country well.
by Jesus January 16, 2004
824 571