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Jousting with ones wang.
I wang joust you for your cookie.
by Jesus July 12, 2004
A saying/phrase, used in britain (mainly the rhyl area), which is not technically accurate, but hilarious nontheless. Used in a sarcastic manner, basically means that you 'well care', thereby exclaming the fact that you do not care.
Me: Dan you knob jockey!
Dan: Well care
by Jesus February 28, 2004
The best college ever, has the best house parties imaginable and women.
better than richmond college
"yeah, i go to esher"
"oh the girls are buff in esher"
by jesus February 17, 2004
Object-Oriented C.

Uses similar syntax as the C language, so older programs can be made OO without the work of rewriting the code with new syntax.
I bought this book about C++ but I don't know what object oriented programming is, am I a programmer yet?
by Jesus December 07, 2003
hub caps. usually used in conjunction with other words describing one's automobile
"I got hubs and dubs that look just like rims"
by Jesus November 26, 2003
Spanish for 'cunt'.
Man, I'd love to fuck that Ktik.
by Jesus October 21, 2003
The most unusual name in the world, and a synonym for "Beauty of God".
"Hey, there's Indraroop - isn't he gorgeous?!!"
by Jesus April 17, 2005

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