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hub caps. usually used in conjunction with other words describing one's automobile
"I got hubs and dubs that look just like rims"
by Jesus November 26, 2003
It is a street in Fort Pierce FL. Its in the Ghetto, its off the chain chain.
Hey homie lets go and chill on Ave D all night.
by jesus November 16, 2003
Gollum Bites Off Frodo's Finger and Falls Into Mount Doom
And so GBOFFAFIMD and I larfed
by Jesus September 17, 2003
Common name for a welsh slut
"oh fuck there it goes again. She's a right Welshdoll."
by Jesus February 25, 2005
Jousting with ones wang.
I wang joust you for your cookie.
by Jesus July 12, 2004
Spanish for 'cunt'.
Man, I'd love to fuck that Ktik.
by Jesus October 21, 2003
The most unusual name in the world, and a synonym for "Beauty of God".
"Hey, there's Indraroop - isn't he gorgeous?!!"
by Jesus April 17, 2005

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