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257 definitions by JESUS

Jousting with ones wang.
I wang joust you for your cookie.
by Jesus July 12, 2004
Spanish for 'cunt'.
Man, I'd love to fuck that Ktik.
by Jesus October 21, 2003
The most unusual name in the world, and a synonym for "Beauty of God".
"Hey, there's Indraroop - isn't he gorgeous?!!"
by Jesus April 17, 2005
Common acronym for “What In The Fuck Is This Shit”
Buddy1 sends naked pics of 80 year old man!

Buddy 2 response - WITFITS
by Jesus February 09, 2005
An incredibly written and directed movie with brilliant acting that, unfortunately, some Philistines can't appreciate.
Lost In Translation is one of the most moving films ever made.
by Jesus March 24, 2004
A superior being born in the early 19th century to bring forth a kingdom of great glory through means of destruction.

(see also Kettou)
I pray to the Glorious Vian
by jesus March 05, 2004
Things which are balanced.
his sex life is in equilibrium with his grans.
by jesus March 28, 2003