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19 definitions by JDub

junk in the trunk
"...does she have the budonkadonk butt?"
by JDub March 07, 2004
38 18
To be hit in the head forcefully by an object during a night of drinking. Also, when using the word, the sound effect "Bloop" should always follow in a high pitch voice.
"You just got Kenzied! Bloop!
by JDUB June 08, 2004
27 11
Morning drive-time DJs in Vancouver, BC. Formerly on the Fox (99.3 CFOX) now on Jack-FM.

Pretty asinine but occasionally funny.
Did you hear Larry and Willy this morning?
by JDub February 03, 2005
16 2
When you're going to throw your elbows in a mob
that dude is gonna catch my bows to his nose.
by jdub December 11, 2002
9 4
That's a load of swogtrottle. kevin bacon never worked with Pauly Shore
by JDub September 26, 2003
2 1
catch the fade with some homees.
Busting their asses.
what u say when you are going to war.
"We're goin to be cleaning clocks tonite"
by jdub December 11, 2002
5 4
To leave a poker game due to a fear of losing money. This may be to prevent blowing an ass fuck.
I'm up 10 cents, I think I should just cameron out.
by JDub April 03, 2005
6 9