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The absolute worst fucking high school on the the planet!!! Kings is located in Shoreline, Washington on the campus of Crista Ministries.

The first thing that is wrong with Kings is that it is a Christian school so you have to take Bible class and go to Chapel, which both are horrible and no one cares about. The entertainment at Chapel consists of a band with no talent and a speaker who no one listens to.

Second, is the rules, there are so many fucking rules!!! You can get in trouble for almost anything and since it is a private school they can expel you for anything, even for something you did OFF CAMPUS that had no effect on the school.

Third, is the teachers. Some teachers are nice but some seem to think having fun is the Devil's work. None of the teachers are any fun.

Fourth, is the size. Kings has just over 100 people per class! This makes it hard to find good friends.

Fith, is the students, who are all douche bag rich kids who don't know how to have real fun. Half of the students are so in touch with Jesus that you can't stand to be around them they are so annoying. The other half of the students think they are gangsters and try and act super bad ass, but everyone laughs at them.

The last thing wrong with Kings High School is our assistant principal. He tries to get all the students to like him but no one does. In short, he is our principal's bitch. He has the voice of a gay man.
You go to Kings High School??? I feel sorry for you.
by JDG33 July 26, 2009

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