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1. Being unduly and unjustly imprisoned for political purposes.
2. Imprisonment for performance of your duty as an Officer of the Law.
Example: “So why are you in jail?” “That serial rapist I pulled off the little 8 year old girl in the park, filed assault charges against me!” “Dude, you realize you have been totally Ramos&Campioned here!”
by JD Ellis February 21, 2008
Convincing people something is happening… when it isn't. “The sky is falling” syndrome.
Example: “Dude... you totally chicken-littled that prof when you busted that fire alarm... I mean shit Bra.... did you ever see anybody run so fast?”
by JD Ellis February 16, 2008
When one becomes so excited one cannot contain oneself and bursts into an involuntary “happy dance” ala Snoopy's classic dance for his supper bowl.
Example:“You see them horses hopsydoodle into that pasture soon as you opened that gate!” or... A wife, upon rejoining her newlywed husband, following the consecration of their nuptials, and witnessing him doing an “end zone dance” in the kitchen (but unaware he had just seen his favorite team score on ESPN) remarks seductively, "Well... aren't we a little hopsydoodle this morning!"
by JD Ellis February 15, 2008
Also “Bink” an abbreviation of “Binky-Bye” my 18 month old daughter’s rendition of “Punkin’ Pie.”
Example: “OK Bink... you’ve got “Binky-Bye” down pat... now lets try ‘Daa Daa’!!!”
by JD Ellis February 24, 2008
While making love, her husband comes home, the only way for him to hide is to clutch the ceiling fan, which works fine till her hubby flicks the switch, and his member winds up totally "fandangled."
"I'm tellin' ya, she saw him buck naked with that cute little gal! Hoo-doggies... is he gonna git fandangled when he gits home!"
by JD Ellis February 14, 2008

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