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2 definitions by JC Robot

In specific reference to a subject, person, and/or place from a previous conversation in time.
After talking about a store in the mall, John tells Kim, "let's go to the one-one."

When referencing a girl that share mutual friends, Kim tells John, "the one-one was looking good tonight."

In correspondence to beer brands as they drive to the liquor store, John tells Kim, I should pick up the one-one.
by JC Robot November 29, 2010
A fat ex-cheerleader (The cheerleader on the bottom of the pyramid) or teenage girl;

A girl + a little more, but not quite chubby
Check out the foundation over there.

Did you say what's up to the foundation?

Are you meeting up with the foundation tonight?

Have you eaten some foundation tonight?
by JC Robot November 29, 2010