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cool guy who's sex hungry
I won't be dario around stank pussy.
by jb January 16, 2004
I'm serious. I'm not kidding.
You better not fuck with me... for real.

I will kick your ass... for real.

I'm for real.
by JB September 26, 2003
Howard Stern's radio sidekick. Laughs a lot. Does the news at the end of every broadcast.

Full name:
Robin Ophelia Quivers
Robin's personality meshes well with Stern's, thus balancing the show perfectly.
by JB January 19, 2004
Under wear site high up the arse. also called G-String. Attractive on Females. not so much on males.
Look at that Bitch's G-Banger man. Ridin High.
by Jb July 04, 2003
The woderfuly violent johnny from the mind of the cult god Jhonen Vasquez kills assholes to paint their blood on the wall of his basement so that a nasty (not moose*) monster cannot escape. when the monster escapes it destroys all the universe. then nny goes to heaven and hell, meets god and the devil (senor Satan) and goes back to a new earth. he then goes on a trip o become a emotionless being like Mr. Samsa
burrito tastes kick ass
by jb September 03, 2004
Known as the "mexican boogeyman", the cucuy is the adult phase of an alien species now origionating from the Lincoln National Forest of New Mexico. Known for ferocity and stealthiness, the cucuy is feared by all children who know it's evil name. (see also, cucuybird, cucuywaterscorpion baby, cucuywaterscorpion, chupacabra)
Viene el cucuy! (Here comes the cucuy!)
by JB April 12, 2005
In Northern Ireland the term wick is used to mean no good. Usually is replaced by other harsher words as a child gets older. Today one might say if something is wick, 'it sucks'.
That movie is completely wick.
#sucks #crap #pants #cool #good
by JB June 18, 2006
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