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A small pressure-triggered grenade, about the size of an AA battery. Can be hidden in foods like bread or soft fruits, which is why you NEVER eat in hostile territory.
Neil foolishly bit into the apple the shady stranger gave him, and a small explosion blew off the bottom of his face. A griswald was hidden in the apple.
by JAYN3 C0BB May 31, 2010
What happens when two young people decide to have a baby.
1. Nina and Tyler were only fifteen but thought having a baby would be cool. Unsurprisingly, the result was a failbreed.

2. "See that dirty five-year-old in diapers crawling around the trailer court? Total failbreed."
by JAYN3 C0BB June 09, 2010
One Station Unit Training. It's a military term meaning that your Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training are at the same place, instead of moving from one fort to another.
When Nina trained to be an MP, she did all her training at Ft. Leonard Wood in OSUT format instead of moving after BCT.
by JAYN3 C0BB June 03, 2010

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