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White trash. Urban America. Most of the people in anyones block or at the stop light in the big, jacked up, full size, hemi-powered truck, belching toxic fumes into the environment just for the sheer, ignorant pleasure of it. Usu. found with at least 5 children with different fathers/mothers, all of which the WT individual can barely support, even with governmental financial aid.
Man, that family is so WT (pronounced dubya tee). You know, the ones living in that trailer park with the rusty car on blocks, always fighting out in the yard in front of everybody, yelling, "you don't know me!!" and, "Oh no you di-unt!!".
by JASEE! May 27, 2007
Any trash of the variety other than that of WT (white trash). See WT (white trash), as the definition applies here as well.
Whoa! That neighborhood is full of RT (rainbow trash)!! Look at em' barbecuing over those paraffin fire logs, walking around in their sagging, dirty boxer-shorts while acting like rap-stars n' thugs.
by JASEE! May 27, 2007
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