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This is a very well know way to nick-name your friends. It's achevied by taking a sylabol of each word/name and splitting them, and adding funny sounds, or by reapting the sound the word makes. e.g.
Clazzamcazza, is claudia. Or adding an extra word to an exsisting nickname to make it knew. JaffBalloon is L Jaffa. Or jewbug, is jess. It is quite simple take an exaple of a celebrity: Matt Smith becomes: Smithamoo. It's quite hard to perfect but once this is achevied so many nicknames can be born. It's also quite good for talking secretly, as if you were on the phone to a friend while your mum's in the room. you could easally desguise the person of topic. ClazzaMcazza and Jaffballoon.
by JAFFANDCLAUDIA May 30, 2009
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