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A suburb of Houston, Texas.
Facts about Sugar Land:
1) Used to be a Sugar Plantation, which contained many slaves.
2) Contains a Sugar Factory.
3) The largest growing county with Pakistani/Indian/Asian population in Texas.
4) Filled with many blood sucking zombies.
5) Contains Douglas Jeffers.
6) Schools are highly over populated, and the administration believes that the "top" school should have its own student conduct book seperate from the rest of the district with an incredibly harsh NO PDA rule.
7) Same school was seen on Dr. Phil with a high school teenager with a huge drinking problem.
8) Filled with Stalkers.
9) Children that are most commonly seen: Rich white kids with problems at home but cover it it up with happy smiles, and Emo children.
10) Children are addicted to Myspace, and every arguement that occurs typically starts with the words, "OMG ON YOUR MYSPACE..."
11) City is rapidly growing, and is a major metropolitan suburb.
12) The new towncenter is a copy of the woodlands towncenter, but is very nice.
13) Also seems like Pleasantville, however has too many domestic violence.
"So this kid from Sugar Land came and talked to me..."
"Dude was he Asian?"
by JACKIE DANIELS October 13, 2005
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