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I Love You => I <3 U => K3U

therefore, the I and the < combine to be a K then come the 3 and the U which become K3U
50: K3U Lloyd.
Lloyd: K3U too fiddy.
by J2TEH OOLIA January 30, 2005
1) Hot Import Daze
2) High Intensity Discharge
1) omfgot are you going to teh HID in daygo hella lot importslutmodels!1!!!!1

2) omfgot he got teh hid on his rsx
by J2TEH OOLIA January 05, 2005
1) a whore, ho
2) sUm1 hOo tiEpZ lYkE dHizZ
3) lil girls who act like wannabe's
omfgot boppers need to die.
by J2TEH OOLIA January 05, 2005
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