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An underachieving fantasy football team owned by a man who is consistent w/ wearing a visor to the draft along w/ drafting Fred Taylor every year. Rumor has it that he uses the league as an excuse to get out of his house once a year and party.
The Cannonballs are not going to make the playoffs again.
by J.P. Shepherd August 26, 2007
An average fantasy football team at best. Known for taking forever when drafting their players. Owner is very cheap and it rubs off on his team.
Another crappy year for the Amazins. Oh good, I'm playing the Amazins this week. Not so Amazin.
by J.P. Shepherd August 16, 2007
Usually performed by a Persian man w/ a well endowed NOSE. This procedure is performed on a woman before sexual intercourse. This will prepare her for the event. It is done by placing the large nose in the vagina and at the same time, you must finger her clit and toss her salad.
Hey Dude, did you sleep w/ her last nite? Yeah, but first I did the tripod.
by J.P. Shepherd August 26, 2007
Fingering a girls clitoris while having your nose in her vagina & tossing her salad (ass licking) at the same time. This is usually done by a man with a large nose of Persian descent.
Hey Dude, did you go down on her? Yeah, I gave her the Tripod.
by J.P. Shepherd August 16, 2007
A fantasy football team that chokes in the Superbowl. The owner knows only the first initial of his players first names. Owner watches 10 min. of football per year.
The Persian Pride lost in the Super Bowl again.
by J.P. Shepherd August 16, 2007

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