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Punch-buggy style travel game involving the tickling of the area between the genitals and the chocolate starfish of your fellow passenger upon passing a Toyota motor vehicle.
We passed a Prius and I quickly gave her a Toyota Taint Tickle.
by J.J. Jingleheimerschmidt February 28, 2009
Upon climaxing from vaginal intercourse, the male promptly removes his furry, unshaven phallus from the referenced "cooter," and proceeds to slide it up between his female partner's mammaries, as she engages in fellatio to clean off their combined juices. Please note that this act requires several months of pubic hair growth and may result in the need for a toothpick to remove clumps of hair from between the woman's teeth.
Following a wild night with Eunice, Arliss the Cave Man ended their encounter with a Camp Hill Cooterpillar. Eunice couldn't shake the taste of his man-hair for weeks.
by J.J. Jingleheimerschmidt March 01, 2009
Lesser known sexual activity between two women consisting of the connection of the positive and negative terminals of a car battery to the women's respective clitoral piercings, followed by a vigorous scissoring session and resulting in an electrifying, spark-filled experience for both parties.
Lacey and June lit up the room last night, as their Die Hard-enhanced metallic muffs engaged in a Mechanicsburg Spark Plug.
by J.J. Jingleheimerschmidt February 25, 2009
A sexual act between somewhat consenting adults, involving one partner mounting the other while he/she is asleep, whispering "Lemoyne Sleeper, the one stop bedroom shop" in the sleeping partner's ear, followed by a sock to the head with a pillow. As the partner on the bottom jolts awake, the one on top enjoys the ride.
Gina couldn't sleep due to her own arousal, so she stroked Jimbo's cock until it was fully engorged, upon which time she climbed on, gave him a Lemoyne Sleeper, and quickly reached orgasm as he thrashed around underneath her.
by J.J. Jingleheimerschmidt September 05, 2011
Slang term for frigid temperatures, derived from the phrase "Cold as a witch's tit."
After hearing that the temperature for the day was slated to be 15 degrees, with a windchill of -7, Roger muttered "It's frakkin witchtit out!"
by J.J. Jingleheimerschmidt March 02, 2009

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