10 definitions by J.D.

The news.
The latest info.

(I think I caught this a few years ago)
If not I pulled it out of my as*.
"Yo,what's the press on Grand Trismo 4".
It will be out in March.
by j.d. December 16, 2004
When a man ejaculates in/on a girls face and she pulls away from the tip of the penis, occasionally, there is a string of semen from the the mans penis to her bottom lip/chin/eyelid/ear, etc. Thus...string cheese
"You should've seen the nut I busted on that girls face! There was string cheese everywhere!!"
by J.D. February 25, 2004
Japanese name for protoman.
"Blues just has to be the most awesome swordsman ever!"
by J.D. January 18, 2005
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