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Joon means Dear in the Iranian/persian farsi language. It is most fequently used in terms of affection and attatched to ones name.
Joon can also mean hottie.
In a sense it's used like the word babe or baby.
Jeanne-joon how are you today sweatheart?

Damn that joon has a beautiful ass!

Ohh.. joon...you are so good.
by J. Tala March 07, 2006
A city (Province) in the country Iran formerly known as the their National capital many centuries ago. Esfahan is said to be worth half the world for it's beautiful mountains, valleys, river, and lake posses half of this world's magnificence. Esfahan is a present day marvelous historical site. Esfahan is known for it's great architecture.
David is a simple minded hill billy Esfahani country boy who thinks he's king of the world althought his home city is no longer the capital of his country.
by J. Tala March 07, 2006

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