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46 definitions by J. Michael Reiter

A nasty laceration given by skinheads or maybe received by the same; It may also be a seriously nasty laceration of the throat, given or received by a skinhead.
A gang of racist Skinheads jumped BA Barabbas and gave him Skinhead Smile he is not expected to recover from.
by J. Michael Reiter November 05, 2004
49 17
Okinawan Unarmed Combat, that has been treated like shit by any one of its practictioners, not to mention the most recent ones as of the late 1980's by many a snotty nosed kid and young adult alike.
Karate, or any unarmed form, should be treated like a gun and pile of bullets:
Karate is a difficult and demanding thing.
by J. Michael Reiter June 07, 2005
41 12
Otherwise known as Marijauna. Or Shit, wacky tobacky, weed, bhang, or Mary Jaise, Mary J's, or MJ.
Dog, Yo, Yo, YO! Let's score some fine ass pot, ma bruzzle!!!
by J. Michael Reiter September 06, 2004
117 91
a spherical, lump of shit and piss floating around the Sun at 66,000 mph.

Incidentally, the place sucks the big one.
Earth? Who needs the place?
by J. Michael Reiter April 30, 2005
89 65
What only the most skillful and talented ones can use to build this or any other city on.
Fender Stratocruisers are mad ultra cool to the ones who can use them and those who can only listen.
by J. Michael Reiter April 29, 2005
86 71
a side dish that originated in Caucausia;
basically meant to be consumed with other heavy foods during manually driven farming operations. Best served scalding hot with cold fresh sour cream...
Despite the dietary and nutritional impropriety, it is a damn larruppin dish that can also be eaten by itself, but not with out the sour cream...
Perhogies, man, Perhogies!!!! GET OUT THE
by J. Michael Reiter February 05, 2005
26 11

Tigers are a large striped Feline predatory Being found in the forests of India, Siberia, and Sumatra. These beings are considered the largest of their class, and are also the most endangered...

2. A term of endearment between male parents and male offspring;

3. What Alpha Males are called by their Females as endearment;

4. A sort of deprecation used by Police, Lawyers, etc.
1. The Siberian Tiger is as endangered as the Bengal Tiger.
2. Hey, Tiger! Let's go to the Water Park!

3. Mmmmm, Tiger! Shag me some more, Baby!!

4. Hold on, Tiger. Kilbourne Hall isn't exactly Kindergarten!
by J. Michael Reiter April 29, 2005
28 15