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A possibly homosexual 20-year-old Northern Virginian black man who posts on the SOHH.com Global Forum. 2complex posts about his abnormal hate for the female race and is an admitted virgin. He posts in conversations and threads about sexual activity when he has no experience with the subject whatsoever.
2complex's box of condoms expired before he had the chance to open it - no chance.
by J. Martin December 01, 2003
The fictional bone in the nose; word used when referring to when the nose touches the brain, usually from blunt force trauma to the face.
Rock you in your face, stab your brain with your nosebone. - "Q.U. Hectic," by Mobb Deep (The Infamous, 1995)
by J. Martin December 01, 2003
A person who is throwed, arrogant, and has money.
Man bob came to the party in his new caddy looking all plurish.
by J. Martin April 24, 2006

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