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To commit shenaniganery more than once; to do a shenanigan again.
Dude #1: That guy totally just tripped his bro into that mud puddle again!
Dude #2: Yeah! That was a total shenan-again!
by J-Fisher April 11, 2010
when two jacked-up midgets paint themselves orange, and you have to parallel-park in between them
Dude #1: Sorry I'm late, dude
Dude #2: What took you so long?
Dude #1: There was a pair of human parking cones in the lot, and it took me forever to get it right
by J-fisher December 12, 2010
To have multiple women slap or punch you in either anger of just because.
Guy #1: Did you see that guy who broke up with his girlfriend over Facebook?
Guy #2: Yeah, he got totally bitchbeat the next day!
by J-Fisher February 17, 2010
when you are extremely cold while laying in bed, and are too lazy to get up and get another blanket, you fold your blanket in half on top of yourself in an effort to produce more warmth.
Dude, these negative temperature weathers at night are awful! I have to do the cold-fold almost every night.
by J-Fisher September 08, 2011
To randomly watch the interesting looking videos on YouTube under the "Related Videos" section.
Guy #1: Dude, you looked up Shoes: The Movie, and ended up watching a full episode of Two and a Half Men. What were you thinking?
Guy #2: Oh, sorry man, I was completely having a YouTubennection.
by J-Fisher February 11, 2010

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