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1. A Vietnamese and French guy that is a bit tan.
2. Someone who wears a yellow umbrella shirt often.
4. A boy that rides an orange fixie.
5. Stupid kid that thinks he is going to be the next male model and jacks off to porn all day.
6. Andre's homie.
Ex.1: What the?.. It's Jly!
Ex.2: Why does that Jly guy always wear that shirt?
Ex.3: I think Jly should enter a stache competition..
Ex.4: I see Jly biking around everywhere nowadays.
Ex.5: Dont' worry about it, he's being a stupid Jly right now.
Ex.6: MAN WE MOVIN'D, me and Jly; That's my homie and we up about a key.
#alexis #mr. mustache man #fixie #homie #jay lee #jason #hipocromautomus #model
by J-dawg shizzle August 31, 2009
the "under your bed"
Alexis: Where's your boyfriend hiding?
Jason: Not here!
Jly: Fine! .. He's in the hipocromautomus..
#bj #boyfriend #hippo #under the bed #jly #alexis #jason
by J-dawg shizzle August 29, 2009
A man with a mustache.

See Jly
Damn! Look who's Mr. Mustache Man, he's got so much growing on his upper lip.
#jly #mustache #upper lip #hipocromautomus #hairy
by J-dawg shizzle August 31, 2009
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