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speed, amphetamine, a white powder that makes you gern
ere mate can you sort us out with some phet?
by J R R August 30, 2006
someone whos heritage lies in pakistan but having been born in england has adopted the white culture and denys their roots
/were you born here or did you move here?
\born here
/oh so youre a pakistanley
by J R R August 30, 2006
same insulting slang as paki, however now that ''pakis'' use the word themselves racists use pakwa
oi come ere you pakwa
by J R R August 30, 2006
noun. someone who is strange isolated and lonley and thus develops an abnormally intense relationship with her equally strange twin brother
sucked off her sibling? now thats what i call a cunriff
by J R R August 30, 2006
proper salty phet that you can tell has been cut with bi carb or some shit
errr!! thats nasty, thats fishermen's phet
by J R R August 30, 2006

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