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A day falsely said to be the date the world will end, however by strictly religious people of all religions is said to be a date of divine returning. Is also a date of a full moon, and 1 month before the summer equinox, however, unlike 2012, this lacks the supposed support of thousands of years of writings and prophecy, or any astrological or astronomical distinction in particular (that i know of) unlike 12/21/12, and is also less well known. Also something shown on Billboards in nashvbille, tn, in spring/summer 2010, reading "May 21, 2011 is the day, get close to god" stated by local churches who rented themm to be 'a warning of the significance of the day, which they refer to as Judgement Day... Even the pope has spoke about it. Sometimes no one knows what to believe
The worlds over on december 21, 2012. Its been foreseen for centuries by ancient prophecies and psychics. Then 2011 came....Oh wait, no all of us calculated wrong, its not december 21, 2012, its may 21, 2012... come May 21, 2011, then... please edit this and explain, so it can be proven to hold water or be bull.
by J Mar January 10, 2011
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