2 definitions by J Balla

the conjuction of "that" and "would" for a people who type/text message and are too lazy to say the whole thing.
ya we should hang out, that'd be sick.
by J Balla December 21, 2004
Usually something said after you and someone else were in an argument, and you totally just left him silent with your comeback. Also usually said with making the motion of stroking your dong for more a greater effect.
Some Punk: Why do you where those clothes?
You: Why are you such a faggot.
Some Punk: Your a faggot, that shirt is hella ugly.
You: Atleast its not as bad as your face.
Some Punk: ...
You: OOO! Thats right bitch, you can't handle this, I'm the masterdebator.
by J Balla April 01, 2005

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