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1.) Borbal is a combination of the words boring and normal, it is used to show someone who is a boring normal person and uses normal words and lives a normal life with no jokery or breaking out. They will often have short hair possibley with a small amount of gel...but nothing too craaaazy.

2.) a small round christmas tree thing
'hello im a borbal, and i dont do much.'
by Izzadiddle dragonslayor September 16, 2005
Bintwhore is a mash up of 2 classic words...bint and also whore...

They are combined in a classic phrase to show a girl who has been a complete gay to you usually.
"she stole my lolly, what a bintwhore..."
by Izzadiddle dragonslayor September 16, 2005
A term used to attack someone verbally and possibly send them into a state of shock, usually used on unknowns.

Also used as a greeting between people (jokers)
*a car drives past with its roof down*



"Alright mate,"

"wujai *nods*"
by Izzadiddle dragonslayor September 16, 2005
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