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4 definitions by Ivanna Humpalot

part of the female anatomy; also known as hatchet wound
Hey chi o, if your fanuter stinks, you are getting a philly fake
by Ivanna Humpalot December 17, 2004
11 9
std cocktail, normally carried by donkeys
After sleeping with jocko, I developed gonasyphaherpalys
by Ivanna Humpalot December 22, 2004
1 2
(Adj) Pertaining to or describing any homosexual equivalent of sexyness.
That guy in the leather chaps and cowboy hat is buttsexy!
by Ivanna Humpalot November 23, 2004
8 10
the act of dumping; also known as dropping friends off at the pool
I have to take a shister
by Ivanna Humpalot December 17, 2004
9 111