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A "special" program that I happen to be in, in whitch they spell program as "programme". Although it's very fucking hard, and they give us a bunch of dumbasstic projects, IB students go on more field trips and get an instant year of college (freshman year) already done for you. That way, you enter as a sophmore.

In the IB program, many of our teachers have no fucking sence of humor and teach and talk like robots. The teachers many times don't tell you what the fucking homework is, so you come the next day telling your teacher "Fucking tell me the homework next time". Many times the teachers are also lesbians, such as my science teacher.

Well, at least I don't have to be in a class of dumbasses.

"Normal" student: Yo, have you heard of that IB thing?

"Normal" student 2: Yeah, they do a shitload of projects. Sounds like a drag.

Me: I am IB. Therefore, I BS.
by IvanTheCat v2 October 03, 2006

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