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The most boring things on earth to do. All those things that one would not normally consider fun, but to Christian's they are fun.
Issac: "Do you want to go knit and read passages out of the Bible?"

Ben: "Fuck no, I'd rather felch a dirty asshole then have some of that Christian Fun"
by Itchy Gooch Man May 10, 2008
When you fuck your girl in the ass just prior to her taking a shit. You pull-out just as your about to nut, then she takes a shit on your dick and you nut while jerking off with her steamy crap.
Nick: "Why is your girlfriend all happy today Danny?"

Danny: "Oh...I let her take a shit on my dick last night and then I had a steamy jerk"

Nick: "That explains the smell"
by Itchy Gooch Man May 10, 2008
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