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A form of intimate sexual stimulation involving just you and a sexual partner, hits of ecstasy*, and your individual or joined levels of creativity and imagination. Unlike traditional courting circumstances, Galactic Sextasy can occur anywhere, at anytime, with anyone.

For me, Galactic Sextasy occurs when a male and female astronaut set aside an entire day in which they get together and let their imaginations take them far, far away on a thizz-tasticly erotic outer space adventure. With stimulant addition ones imagination can often times open up to a plethora of unpredictably unique sexual possibilities. Say theres a girl whom youre interested in and she somehow becomes interested in you. With Galactic Sextasy you could be tongue-tickling her star-studded sparklebox while stimulating the north star of her kitty constellation and simultaneously radiating an intense multitude of deep space pleasure tremors all throughout the coveted G-star in the luscious depths of her Hyman Cosmos.

*Footnote: Taking ecstasy pills before mentally departing on your naughty deep space adventure is crucial to the experience. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be totally thizzled out, floating through a meteor shower while getting a blow job? There are no ends to the possibilities because there are no ends to what you can imagine, so keep your eyes to the skies, your thoughts unique and creative, and just keep on poppin em.
"Dude, did you see that girl I left Walter's party with last night? She was a freak!
"No shit, what happened?"
"Well, she is pretty into to raving I guess so when we got back to her apartment she brought out some thizz and we started rolling so tough! I couldn’t stop feeling myself and I guess she couldn't stop feeling me either cause one thing lead to another and before long she was boarding my love rocket with intentions to bone! The shuttle launched from fellatio bay and Galactic Sextasy took it from there. That bitch was out of this world."

"Oh honey, what do you know about this Galactic Sextasy craze?? Apparently it's really popular with young people because all the kids are taking ecstasy and having unprotected sex these days.. Do any of your friends Galactically Sextacize?"
"Okay two things; First off, I don't want to have this conversation with you. Secondly, stop watching Vh1 cause they’re target audience isn't even old enough to have seen the end of just half as many years that you have to boast. So kids are popping ecstasy and fucking each other while they dream about outer space, who cares? It's naught a big deal, let it go Mom.”
by ItalSpliffSmokingPussy June 22, 2011

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