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1)When a girl's friend gets in the way of you making move on a said girl
2)When a jealous ex gets in the way of you hooking up with thier ex-girlfriend.
3)When some one accidentally gets in the way of you and a hot chick.
4)When a family member gets in the way of you and a hot woman.
5) Something complete asses do because they are jealous or just hate you.
1) man#1.Dude so we where hanging out and stuff and her friend Taylor came up and talked to her the whole time it was a huge cock block.
man#2.Ouch man that sucks.
2)man#1.So we were talking at the party and out of now where Kevin her ex boyfriend from a month ago cock blocked me.
man#2. Ouch man that sucks.
3)man#1. Dude last night i was talking to this hottie and my homie walked up and started talking to me, and i couldn't do anything cause he is my dog and he didn't mean to cock block me.
man#2.Ouch man that sucks.
4)man#1. Dude last night I got cock blocked by my grandmother!
man#2. HAHAHAHAHAHA thats hilarious, your grand mother? hahaha ouch man that, thats hillarious!
5)man#1. Dude last night I was going to get laid and some complete ass walked up and cocked blocked me, If I ever see that ass hole again I'm going to kick his ass.
man#2 Ouch man that sucks.
by It's spelled with two T's! November 02, 2008

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