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1 definition by It's not important

Grapevine High School: where most of Colleyville goes to high school. (a.k.a Ghetto Grapevine, Rapevine, etc.)
Grapevine: most of it goes to Colleyville Heritage High School (a.k.a. Colleywood)

There's definitely a split between New Grapevine (south of Grapevine Hwy) and Old Grapevine (main street).

- Largest mall in the southwest US
- 30 screen theater
- Too many restaurants
- At least it has some places that serve beer... unlike Colleyville
- Situated nearly equal distance between downtown Dallas and downtown Ft. Worth
- Has a Kinko's and even a Barbeques Galore!
Dude, what is there to do in Collevyville? Nothing? Ok, let's go see a movie at Grapevine Mills and then drink at Hooters until it closes at midnight. Afterwards, we'll stop at the Sonic on Hall-Johnson and get a slush while surrounded by a bunch of people wearing letter jackets and sporting cheerleading stickers on their jacked up Tahoes. After Sonic closes, we'll go speed around at 30 mph and probably get a ticket for being 5 over. Then we'll go commit some vandalism to remind us why we're glad we no longer live in this bubble we grew up in.
by it's not important October 11, 2005
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