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An Early nineties TV show about a near homeless psychologist that tracks down serial killers in his brown Volvo with brown police light, the highlight of the show is when the serial killers turn their attentions towards AJ and hide in his apartment ready to pounce. Usually accompanied by slap bass music.
Episode 1.45, when AJ returns home to his apartment only to find a serial killer ready to pounce.
by It's Anthony March 10, 2004
Group of slutty and rude girls who think they are so good, that the teachers at school treat them with more respect than they would treat God himself (hence the name) Shitty, arrogant and snobby, they spend their time sucking the dicks of bad musicians, musicians as equally rude and as arrogant as they are. They think they are movie stars and celebrities and behave accordingly. Avoid if you can.
They travel in packs of 4, with three clones and an outsider they never really liked anyway.
by It's Anthony April 18, 2004
Like It's Sister show A.J. Phd, A.J. Phd Miami takes place in Cleveland, Ohio, and features the distant cousin to A.J., A.J., a Pharmisuitist, who works with the police to solve Pharmacy-based crimes. He is slightly shorter than A.J. and is always ready with a lozenge to soothe a sore throat. Otherwise useless.
Episode 2.37 When A.J. goes undercover in a women's prison, and wins the hearst of his fellow inmates with soothing aloe vira tissues
by It's Anthony March 10, 2004

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