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to hand something to a strong man for opening or to be moved. It implies that men are strong. It is most often used by a female to get something done that she isn't able to do herself, although has been used by smaller men to solicite help from larger, stronger men.
women might say:
Hey, could you man this open for me?

Could you man this over there for me?

a man might say to another man:
Could you help me man this over there?
(especially if it were too heavy for one person)
by Ismirth September 21, 2005
the male version of the word cunt. A cock knocker is a male who needs to be called the worst word you can come up with. He is the kind of man that if he were a woman you would call a cunt. He is the kind of person that will relentlessly take the wind out of you, deliberately sabotage you, and sometimes even seems to enjoy being hated.
My professor is such a cock knocker! He said that all the girls in the class may as well drop because they won't pass anyway! GRRRR... I loath that mo-fo!
by ismirth June 02, 2007
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