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2 definitions by Isidore Elysian

HRDH is an abbreviation of "Her Royal Dykey Highness". It is used to describe Kristen Stewart by the Gaystew Army.
Person 1: Do you worship the HRDH?
Person 2: Yes, all hail the queen.
by Isidore Elysian September 05, 2011
HRWH is an abbreviation for "Her Royal Wifey Highness". It is used by the Gaystew Army to describe Dakota Fanning. Members of the army believe she and Kristen were in a relationship or should be.
Person 1: Have you seen The Runaways?
Person 2: Yes, KStew and HRWH were amazing in it.
by Isidore Elysian September 05, 2011