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Basically is Card Captor Sakura horribly dubbed into English.The 70 episodes of Card Captor Sakura were cut to 38.It's horrible.The names were changed,the dubbing is horrible,the characters now look like retards,even the nice opening Catch You Catch Me was changed in an horrible song!!!!!See.Some Examples:
Sakura Kinomoto:Sakura Avalon
Li-Syaoran or Li-kun:Li Showron(it sounds like moron for me)or JUST Li

Nelvana cut some things,like for example a scene with Li-kun eating chocolate,or Sakura melting for Yukito....

In conclusion,it's an abomination compared to the great Card Captor Sakura
CC:SaKUra,that's how they pronounce Sakura in Cardcaptors

Cardcaptors suck!!!
by Iseria's Final Aeon September 12, 2005
A puppy-eared thingy who is in love with Kagome and is the cutest thing I've ever seen(sorry Cloud)

Pd:It was me
He's cute and his brother is too!!!!!!!
by Iseria's Final Aeon March 02, 2005
A very good character of FFIX and
one of my favorites.Her face may be like one of a horse,but I think she is nice.
......Is she a rat?????But she looks like a horse........(My sister)
by Iseria's Final Aeon March 09, 2005
Is a very cutey little thingy that is spikey haired and loved for Aeris,Tifa and for me!!!!!!!!!
Cloudie I love you!!!!!!!!
by Iseria's Final Aeon March 02, 2005

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